Photography, a melody of time and light. Through patience, a desire to learn and sometimes a bit of emotion, artwork is created. This artwork narrates a story while capturing an array of color. It is then that these moments are encapsulated in time. As most things have been during the 21st century, photography is also subjective. This subjective nature allows the viewer to offer their own interpretation, resulting in a conversation between both the observer and the artist.

Alexander Wills - Rowing Blazers
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Tunnel Vision

An ode to yesteryears, boxy cars and simpler times.

Alexander Wills - Faux Fur Photoshoot
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Faux Furred

Faux fur framed the subject in a dream like sequence while experimenting with light.

Alexander Wills - Hand Painted
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Hand Painted

Painted with acrylic using the human body as the ultimate canvas and hands as the ideal brush.

Alexander Wills - Portrait Photography - Smooching Face with Hat Tilted Forward
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Fern Hatted

Inspired by the aesthetic of a tiki bar in downtown Honolulu with the allure of 1970s.

Alexander Wills - Portrait Photograph - Vapor Wave / Synthwave
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Vapor Waved

Inspired by the Vaporwave and Synthwave style that gesture itself to 1980s lighting.

Alexander Wills Fridge Photoshoot
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Fridge Struck

Inspired by the mundane activity of making multiple trips to the fridge during a pandemic.

Emiri Hirayama
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Emiri Hirayama adorning coral jewelry at Makapuu.

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A summer day in Scituate Rhode Island with Jackie Krischtschun.

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Windy Days

A windy day by the dam.